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  • Kops & Kids
    Kops & Kids

    During the weekend of April 11-13th, eight young boys within St. Landry Parish received the opportunity to enjoy the real outdoors with Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz and several members of his staff. Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz said, “Kops & Kids Outdoor Activities Program is a localized collaborative effort of Law Enforcement with a community initiative. It is designed to allow children of single parent or socio-economic disadvantages to have an opportunity to experience outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.
  • LHC donates to Kops & Kids
    LHC donates to Kops & Kids

    LHC donates to Kops & Kids. Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz Kops & Kids Outdoor Sporting Activities group grants once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing experiences to children 9-13 years of age. Kops & Kids singular purpose is to assist in realizing there are alternatives to stealing and dealing and those alternatives are hunting and fishing. In the longer term, the benefits will include breaking the successions of interactions with juvenile and adult justice systems. Youths will discover there are alternatives to drugs and crime by interacting with law-enforcement officials.

    MidSouth Bank is warning customers to be on the look out for a debit card phone scam. A number of people have received an automated call which tells them their debit cards have been deactivated. MidSouth Bank says if you get this phone call, hang up immediately. MidSouth Bank also recommends never clicking on unfamiliar e-mail links, regularly checking your accounts online to make sure everything is correct and telling family and friends about the scam.If you have any concerns, call the MidSouth Bank Customer Care Center at 1-800-213-2265.
  • Sheriff's Dept. awarded a $10,000 grant
    Sheriff's Dept. awarded a $10,000 grant

    The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Department was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Union Pacific Foundation
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